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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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officer with someone else. this video apparently captured the entire incident, it happened a few fridays ago involving an oakland police officer mistakenly thinking that an off-duty firefighter thought he was a burglar at this fire station. this video is 45 seconds. we'll listen at the beginning of the footage. keep in mind this video is dark and it happened around 10:45. i want to set it up quickly before we go into the video. at the front of the fire station garage, you'll see two young children hard to see them but there are two young children and inside the fire garage that's the father standing in there. take a listen here. >> put the bag down. >> huh? >> put your hands up! put your hands up! turn around! >> only an oakland firefighter. i [ indiscernible ] door open. i walked through the station. i'm an oakland firefighter.
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that's my truck right there. see the firefighter plate on the front? >> stay right there. don't move. [ children whimpering [ and crying ] >> 3026 -- >> yeah. >> reporter: you can hear right there the father telling the kids it's okay. you can also hear a little boy crying. that's the youngest son trayvon jones. he is 9. and he was at the front. he was asked by the police officer to drop his bags and raise his hands. so these -- the three -- the two kids and the father, they were leaving a recent raiders game late at night friday around 10:45. the father again an off-duty firefighter he was walking back to a fire station, station 29, over in east oakland. and it happened so that the fire garage door was left open. the fire crew had just responded to a fire. they forgot to close the door so when a police officer responded to the fire
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department thinking that there was a possible burglary in progress, they thought those people were burglars. so that's how that interaction went down. now, the firefighter thought that -- even though in this video it sounds like the police deescalated the situation fast, the firefighter said in his perception this was tense and it traumatized his two children. >> to approach a 9-year-old and 12-year-old kid like that was, you know, as a parent it's, uhm, it's hurtful. it's scary. >> i was thinking, uhm, that he is going to shoot my dad the whole time. >> images in my head think about how my dad would get shot and so i keep on trying to forget about it so because it scares me a lot. >> who else is in here! >> reporter: at the end of the
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tape, the police officer did apologize to keith jones. but mr. jones says he did not really see that as an apology. he said it was too fast and didn't sound sincere. he said his children were trauma tides. here's a statement from the oakland fire chief. the chief says that pretty much a summary here saying that it's traumatizing for the two kids and she hopes the two kids will forget this experience fairly soon. so we are going to have more information on this later on in our newscast. for now i'll send it back to you, allen. >> da lin in oakland, thank you. chief jones filed a complaint against that police officer. now, the oakland police department's internal affairs division has the video you saw and it's investigating. california fought the good fight but tonight it appears that tesla's $5 billion battery "giga factory" and its thousands of jobs will end up just out of our reach in nevada. kpix 5's len ramirez is at
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tesla headquarters in fremont. len. >> reporter: veronica, when you talk about the "giga factory," you talk about a big prize that any state or region would want because of all the jobs it would create not just construction jobs to build such a large factory but all the thousands of manufacturing jobs that will stay in the state and put people back to work. unfortunately, all those jobs are now going to nevada. california is still the home of tesla, but the company will announce tomorrow that it's going to nevada for its massive next generation battery factory known as the "giga factory." >> i'm devastated. >> reporter: state senator ted gaines delivered a gold shovel to tesla headquarters in palo alto last month along with a letter to elon musk saying how california would do what it takes to get a deal done. >> we have been very good to tesla. so i'm very frustrated given our history with tesla in terms of what we provided for them. >> reporter: gaines says it's frustrating that tesla has already benefited from
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california's subsidies and tax breaks but decided to go out of state to create about 6500 badly needed manufacturing jobs. nevada was considered the front- runner in a five-state sweepstakes for the "giga factory." in fact, nevada had already begun clearing a potential site near reno. u.s. senator dianne feinstein said she and others lobbied hard for the golden state. >> i'm a big fan of tesla so i'm obviously sorry because i had talked to elon about it and i talked to the governor about it and i know the governor made a full-court press. but apparently, there was just too good a deal in nevada. >> reporter: what nevada offered that california couldn't is still unclear. >> a deal has to be a win for both sides a win for california and our taxpayers, and a win for an iconic great company like tesla. and if we couldn't bring it together this time, hopefully the relationship stays strong and we get it the next time. >> reporter: both the silicon valley leadership group and senator feinstein said this whole thing with tesla might
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not be over yet. it has been reported that tesla has been preparing two or three sites in different states in case the deal with nevada, which still has to go through its legislature, falls apart. reporting live in fremont, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> thank you. right now, tesla is not confirming anything. all it will say is that it will be in carson city tomorrow for an economic development announcement. san francisco police have made an arrest in the deadly stabbing of a high school football player. 14-year-old rashawn williams was walking with his brother to the corner store in the mission last night. the suspect allegedly waited outside and stabbed rashawn as he left the store at folsom and 26th. his coach says it may have stemmed from a fight on social media. we'll have a live report at 6:30 on how a community is coming together in support of rashawn's family. pittsburg police have arrested two brothers for a deadly hit-and-run. they say 29-year-old jorge perez was behind the wheel when he hit a 50-year-old woman
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walking on the sidewalk sunday. surveillance video shows the accident. the pickup truck veers and hits the woman near a gas station on willow pass road. after the impact, a light pole snapped and crashes to the street. perez's brother was also arrested as an accessory. police say he tried to hide the truck in bakersfield. the bay area about to become the center of the law enforcement world. officers from all over are going to take part in what's called urban shield, that some say the drills are blurring the lines of policing. new at 6:00 kpix 5's phil matier with the debate on the what oakland police are preparing for. [ gunshots ] >> i think it's provocative, not wise. >> reporter: that was civil rights attorney and mayoral candidate dan siegel's reaction to the return of urban shield, a five-day training exercise and trade show for law enforcement and first responders. and a flashpoint for police critics, especially in the wake
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of the military-like images from the ferguson, missouri riots. >> i guess it's too late to call it off. >> reporter: in anticipation for the expected protests, all leave has been canceled for oakland cops but the alameda sheriff's department which is hosting the event isn't making apologies. >> we do tactical exercises, search-and-rescue exercises, a bomb squad scenario. we have water rescue. >> reporter: and they also have a high caliber trade show. you do a pretty good business? >> you have to ask them. >> reporter: critics say the growing police arsenal sends the wrong message. >> urban shield is the effort to further militarize police departments in alameda county and it's something we certainly don't need. >> this same question came out last year and i answered the same questions and about three weeks later a nut case goes into l.a.x. and starts shooting people. so you can say it's an increased militarization of police, but at l.a.x. they didn't call the military in to handle that situation. they called the police.
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>> reporter: whatever the case, the confab and the expected demonstrations will also put oakland pd crowd control tactics to the test again after accusations of their overzealous aggression during the "occupy" unvest. >> opd is really under the spotlight here. >> reporter: they are also una lot of stress. we're here in front of the convention center. it's going to be ground zero for what's billed to be some big demonstrations in the next couple of days especially on friday. this comes after the marchs here in support of ferguson and a long summer just patrolling the streets with an understaffed department. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. >> dozens of police and fire departments from the bay area and around the country take part in urban shield. an oakland city councilwoman wants to change who the police department hires. rebecca kaplan says only 8% of the officers on the force are from oakland. she adds that almost 1500 residents have applied for the last five police academies. kaplan says only 30 of them
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were accepted. some were rejected for low credit scores others for past marijuana convictions. kaplan's plan would change all that. >> and so given that oakland requires 50% local hirings of businesses we contract with, we should expect no less in terms of our hiring for our police department. >> kaplan plans to make a formal proposal in two weeks. pg&e says it will appeal the record $1.4 billion penalty it's facing over the san bruno pipeline explosion. the company says it wants state regulators to take into account what it's already done. in the years since the deadly 2010 explosion it includes money already spent or allocated for pipeline safety improvements. we know thousands of people in the bay area are at risk when the next earthquake hits. and it's because of the type of home they are living in. the problems and why it still hasn't been fixed. >> and it's a dangerous game swatting. when police s.w.a.t. teams swarm a house because of
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a fake 911 call. now it's happening in the bay area. >> reporter: yes, it is september. yes, it is after labor day. but who says summer is over? we're having a party. it's in the 80s outside. we're live in pleasanton at the final street fair of the summer. your seven-day forecast into the weekend that's coming up next.
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hoax 9-1-1 calls... that re in a massive -- and costly police response. it's it's a problem popping up all over the country, hoax 911 calls that result in a massive and costly police response. they call it "swatting" and mike sugerman shows us it's hitting home here in the bay area. mike? >> reporter: yeah, swatting, allen. sounds like corporal punishment for kids but it's not. as you say, it's a dangerous trend that has arrived. when the call came in -- >> fairfax police, guy? >> reporter: -- cops had to be ready for the worst. >> we got a report from a 14-
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year-old apparently that, uhm, his father armed with an ak-47 shot his mother. >> reporter: and the kid was still inside the home on a family oriented leafy street outside fairfax city limits so they responded not knowing what they would find. >> they were a little keyed up because it's not the kind of call you get every day. >> reporter: nick was working nearby and watched as more than 2 dozen police officers as various agencies tried to find out what happened. there were early clues it might have been a hoax. >> details that the caller was able to provide, it was very succinct and detailed and usually under those circumstances people are not in a position where they are very calm when they're providing information. >> reporter: the supposed 14- year-old who said he was cowering upstairs sounded like a grownup pretending to be young among other things. at that point police had no idea this could be what's known as swatting, a prank call that looks like it's coming from a different location. similar calls sent the l.a.
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s.w.a.t. team to the homes of celebrities, justin bieber, the kardashians and kutcher. >> we made contact with the homeowners and the stories didn't match. >> reporter: there was a 9-year- old alone in the home. and mom was just driving up as the police were taking positions. >> i think it was a little tense for a while because they are not used to that kind of thing around here. >> reporter: police are getting used to these swatting incidence. last spring, it was terra nova high. last month an elementary school in santa clara. a home in san rafael. police are trying to figure out if they could be connected. >> i don't know. and it's probably going to take people much more educated than i to figure out the mind of an individual who wants to play this type of game. >> reporter: who knows who does this kind of thing? there was one instance back east where a guy was playing videogames online with another guy and he was losing. and he got so upset, he swatted that guy so he could have to go to the door and deal with all that and lose the game! that's the kind of mentality we're dealing with here.
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in fairfax, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> ridiculous. swatting started about 2007 in los angeles. it seems to have died off there as it kind of moves around the rest of the country. what would you do if you knew that an earthquake was coming? [ beep beep ] >> earthquake, earthquake. >> that was uc-berkeley's early warning system just before the napa quake. experts from around the world have gathered there for a three- day summit on how to improve the system and get it moving full speed ahead in california. in the meantime, ann notarangelo shows us the race is on to prepare vulnerable bay area buildings before the next quake hits. ann? >> reporter: and veronica, this conference is all about someday all of us getting advance warning of an earthquake about to hit. but there are buildings all across the bay area that are more vulnerable than others in the event of a quake and in those cases, those extra warning seconds could be critical.
6:17 pm
the city of concord has identified 119 buildings like this one that are more vulnerable during an earthquake. they are called soft story buildings. >> a soft story notion comes from the first story being a weaker story than the rest of the building because they have large openings, for example they have openings for parking. >> reporter: right now in concord, and in cities across the bay area, there are no plans to retrofit these buildings that no longer meet seismic standards. the reasons? there is no statewide mandate or money. >> very difficult for owners to obtain financing for funding to do this sort of thing. >> reporter: it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to retrofit a small complex. lieutenant governor gavin newsom remembers what it was like in 1989 in san francisco when soft stories collapsed under the weight. >> right on the two corners of those two buildings that buckled and collapsed soft stories, we don't need more evidence of the vulnerability of those soft stories. >> reporter: san francisco has undergone an aggressive retrofit program for these
6:18 pm
buildings and newsom says small businesses and property owners should be able to get low- interest loans. >> it's an absolute requirement in my perspective, the price of living in the bay area. >> reporter: the head of concord's building department would like to see an education campaign so people know the risks. the city does. identifying these buildings gives them an idea of who might need help first after a quake. >> we can respond to those buildings after an event and know where we need to focus attention. >> reporter: everyone seems to acknowledge that these buildings are vulnerable. they also all seem to agree that people should not be penalized for not retrofitting these buildings at this time because of the cost. in berkeley, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> the conference at uc- berkeley runs through friday. paul deanno took mobile weather out to pleasanton tonight to the final street fair. wow, looks pleasant in pleasanton. >> reporter: it is absolutely perfect. it's a secret around here. we know about it, but tourists
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want to come to san francisco in june and july. they get rudely awakened when it's 58 degrees outside. this is the month of. we're not wet yet. we get warm but not hot yet. today's 88 in pleasanton, we have the fifth and final first wednesday street fair. there will be thousands of people walking up and down main street in beautiful pleasanton and the weather could not be more perfect. it is gorgeous outside right now. livermore you're warm 88 degrees. concord you hit 84. look at all the 79s. is that a nice temperature to get out and enjoy? fremont 79. san rafael 79. san jose 79. we'll subtract 10 degrees from san francisco but still a nice afternoon. you have sunshine today.69. 70 tomorrow. the sunshine continues on friday. high of 92. if you have any traveling plans to cabo, listen up. there is a hurricane down there norbert just listed as a hurricane upgraded to 75 miles
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per hour sustained winds at the center of the storm. this will hug the western edge of baja, california. the latest computer models say there will be rain in southern california for this, orange county, yes, san diego county. much of arizona could get a couple of inches of rainfall. we'll see an increase in clouds coming up on sunday from a hurricane well to our south but no rain. right now, low pressure that gave us stronger onshore flow is passing by to the north. that will happen in the next couple of days allowing a ridge of high pressure to move closer and as that happens, the onshore flow weakens and we'll be sunnier and warmer and we'll all notice that trend tomorrow. widespread 80s redwood city 82, san rafael 82, fairfield 91 for you, upper 60s at the coast and san jose 83 degrees tomorrow. the hottest inland spots will have their hottest days on friday and saturday. in the mid-90s. upper 80s to low 90s elsewhere. really comfortable near the water 70s through the weekend. the only fly in the ointment if you will would be an increek in cloud cover on sunday and monday from hurricane norbert passing by to the south.
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i cannot express to you with strong enough words how amazing it is outside right now! you feel the warmth but you're not sweating. and you feel just a little breeze moving in in the evening but it's not chilly. it's perfect weather for a street fair in pleasanton. back to you. >> super. gorgeous day. thank you. still ahead, a lifeline for struggling wineries after the napa quake. it is coming from one of their own. but it is not without some red tape. >> red wine. samsung throws out a curve ball or in this case a curved phone. features of that new gadget, how it's already giving apple some trouble. ,,,,,,
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[ woman ] and i love new orleans! ix after the napa valley earthquake damaged wineries are in a bind. they tried to clean up the big mess but new at 6:00, kpix 5's john ramos reports several wineries are getting help from their neighborly competition. >> reporter: when the quake shook napa valley some wineries were hit hard while others like this one in st. helena escaped
6:24 pm
unscathed. >> so i offered storage space for up to 1,000 barrels of wine. >> reporter: steve burgess' family has been making wine on this hillside for generations. so it was natural for him to offer free storage space to other wineries with damage. >> they're not our competitors; they're our neighbors. >> reporter: that's not how they look at it in silicon valley. >> i can't imagine apple moving into hp. >> reporter: these are after all farmers and most here are willing to offer a and if to a fell levin another -- to offer a hand to a fellow vintner down on his luck but it won't be easy. >> it's a highly regulated industry and that's why some of this paperwork is so complex right now with having to move wine from winery to winery. >> reporter: vintners have to track every gallon of wine produced and just sending a barrel from one warehouse to another requires bureaucratic approval. a federal agency called the ttb graciously agreed to waive the rule about discarding wine without giving advance notice.
6:25 pm
>> the ttb is, like, we know you have been through a major disaster, you have had to take some steps. let us know what you have done but we don't expect to have been forewarned. >> reporter: the vintners association says so far the government has been pretty reasonable in its approach. and that will allow guys like burgess to help protect his neighbors' red wine without getting caught up in a lot of red tape. in napa valley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the vintners association says it will continue to work with the government to ease regulations while the industry struggles to get back on its feet. samsung unveiled two new smartphones impressing investors. analysts say the new phones may be responsible for apple's stock dropping more than $4 a share. one of the new samsung smartphones has a curved screen, the right edge is supposed to display toolbars shortcuts tickers and even games. the curve creates more space for the main screen. this model is called the galaxy note edge and is supposed to be available later in the year. there is no word yet on how much it's going to cost you.
6:26 pm
meanwhile, people are already lining up to get the new iphone. this picture on twitter shows people waiting outside of the apple store in new york city. the new phone is expected to be available in a couple of we have. the formal announcement on the new iphone is expected next week. mark your calendar. hashtag facebook down. that was trending on whitter today. because of an outage on the other social media site. facebook went down for about 10 minutes or both the web and mobile use of the u.s., europe and other parts of the world. the website techcrunch estimates facebook lost $220,000 in ad revenue in that 10 minute outage. >> did you survive it? >> should have bought the stock. >> i did survive it. >> just checking. coming up in the next half- hour, a high school football player killed. and police just announced an arrest. we are going to have details in a live report coming up. >> they can be easy target but this time an attack on tourists
6:27 pm
ends in arrests. the new video just in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. while walking to the corner store. and tonight police s they've found right now at 6:30, a young
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football player is killed while walking to the corner store. tonight police say they found the person responsible. welcome back, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live from sacred heart cathedral prep. ryan, police are now releasing the first details on the arrest. >> reporter: that's right, in the last half-hour, we got new details from police chief greg suhr. he says the victim and the suspect did know each other. they went to the same middle school. that victim, 14 years old. we imagined the suspect is around the same age because they went to the same middle school and the police chief said that the suspect was also high school aged. now, they did not attend the same high school. we're here at sacred heart cathedral prep where the victim went to school and the campus is now in mourning. >> you know, he's a great kid. >> reporter: the family-like atmosphere at sacred heart cathedral has a literal
6:31 pm
meaning. the stabbing victim rashawn williams is his schoolmate and cousin. >> when i heard he didn't make it through surgery, i dropped my phone and was crying. >> reporter: he says his cousin had a bright future. raytion was a great student with a 4.0gpa, here he is delivering a middle school newscasts last year. >> he has been doing a good job as president of the united states. >> i had a shock through my body like no 14-year-old kid deserve that. >> reporter: it happened at about 7:00 last night. rashawn and his younger brother just bought candy at this mission district market. the clerk says he saw two younger guys waiting for rashawn. one stabbed him in the chest and ran off. he died at the hospital. police haven't confirmed a motive but his football coach informed parents it was because of a fight on social media and rashawn felt threatened. the news shocked students who heard about it from teachers. it also caused rivals to extend
6:32 pm
compassion. this flower was brought to the school. today was a day to put rivalries on hold and mourn and remember. >> they are not writing up anybody today. >> reporter: at that market a clerk told us the cameras were on. they were working. they just weren't recording at the time of the stabbing. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. this is new video of san francisco police arresting some men suspected of robbing tourists this afternoon. police tell us 7 men jumps two german tourists on russian hawaii the suspect got a camera. police chased them through north beach and caught up to three of them on bombard street. investigators are looking into whether the group had anything to do with a robbery of dutch tourists last week. we're hearing for the first time from one of the american missionaries who survived the deadly ebola virus. >> there were many mornings i woke up and thought, i'm alive.
6:33 pm
and there were many times when i thought i don't think i'm going to make it anymore. >> nancy writebol received an experimental drug to treat the virus. she credits the drug called z map and her medical care for saving her life. dr. rick s acra of boston was identified as the third american who got ebola in liberia. it's not clear if he will return to the united states. officials say dr. sacra was not caring for ebola patients. he was delivering babies. a spokesman for the family of steven sotloff said he died fighting for what he believed in. >> he wanted to give voice to those who had none. their story was steve's story. he ultimately sacrificed his life to bring their story to the world. >> u.s. intelligence confirms the video of sotloff's beheading is authentic. he is the second american executed in two weeks. the militants warn more will
6:34 pm
follow if u.s. airstrikes continue. the white house said today america will not be intimidated. >> those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside! [ applause and cheers ] >> the president will meet with nato leaders tomorrow to try to build international support for possible strikes against isis in syria. the nation's second largest drugstore chain is no longer selling tobacco products. ccs originally planned to make the switch next month. but cvs pulled the products early. cigars, cigarettes will be replaced with nicotine gum and other items to help people stop smoking. cvs has also changed its name to cvs health. a passing to note here. a pioneer of bay area tv has died. 93-year-old lillian lincoln howell operated ktsf the first
6:35 pm
station in the nation to offer programming aimed at asians. she started ktsf in 1976 when asian-americans made up 5% of the bay area population. it now broadcasts programs in 12 languages and offers newscasts in both mandarin and cantonese. miss howell was 93. >> she was a trailblazer. coming up, a court sides with yelp saying it's not guilty of extortion. >> but small businesses aren't giving up the fight against the san francisco company. ,,,,
6:36 pm
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positive reviews "can" sudd disappear, if they don't advertise small business owners call it extortion. they say their positive reviews can suddenly disappear if they don't advertise with yelp. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on why a courtside -- why a court sided with yelp and what businesses need to do to make the online reviews reliable. >> reporter: john can't afford $1,000 a month to advertise on yelp and he says he is paying
6:38 pm
for it. >> so i don't want to advertise within three or the five minutes, they took off the five- star. >> reporter: instead, mercurio says scathing reviews of his wheel repair business popped up at the top of his yelp page. comments he contends weren't even written by his customers. >> definitely extortion. >> reporter: but a federal appeals court has ruled it's not. it's thrown out a suit brought by him and other small businesses. in effect, the court said, promising to bury bad reviews or promote positive reviews based on advertising may amount to hard bargaining but it doesn't fit the legal definition of extortion. >> even though it might look like extortion, the current definition of it doesn't cover it. >> reporter: lawrence murray is a lawyer behind the class action says and says because yelp isn't actually writing reviews it's protected based on current law. >> the congress needs to re- form the communications decency act so it says you cannot claim to be an innocent bystander like yelp does when you're manipulating the data.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: in fact, the coalition of small business groups is lobbying congress to do just that, but for now mercurio, who says he lost 30% of his business based on yelp reviews, in spite of five-star ratings on other sites, is hoping his case is ultimately won in the court of public opinion. >> this does hurt you. >> reporter: now, for its part, yelp says it's pleased with the court's decision and says the claims made in the lawsuit are without merit. in the newsroom, julie watts, kpix 5. hm. >> hm. >> exactly. >> before you can play soccer, you will need a ball, of course. but that was the struggle for many kids living in war-torn countries. >> that is until our jefferson award winner found a solution. the story coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why was jim harbaugh defending the bill of rights? >> raise your hand if you are not in favor of due process. >> the verdict is in on the local baseball teams today. >> lowrie has it his throw is wide. >> they offered no defense.
6:40 pm
coming up.
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a way to play the idea started with a new
6:43 pm
story on refugee children in darfur, children finding a way to play soccer even in war-torn areas. kpix 5's kate kelly explains how this week's jefferson award winners set out to create a ball that wouldn't let kids down in the harshest of conditions. >> it's in! >> reporter: when we tuned in to watch world cup this summer we saw manicured fields and teams using the finest equipment but it's a far cry from how the majority of children plays the game. for millions, rocky fields, barbed wire and concrete are the norm. >> the average life-span of a ball in places like darfur and africa and so on is about an hour. >> reporter: that's if they're lucky enough to have a ball. >> kids will play with anything they can find. >> reporter: four years ago,
6:44 pm
tim jahnigen and lisa tar vest started one world futbol. >> for people who need to be able to play not just to survive but to thrive. >> reporter: so lisa and her husband tim, a self-described creative problem solver, set out to make a better ball. it would need to be nontoxic, never puncture or go flat, or lose elasticity. they settled on a material called cross-licked closed cell foam, much like popular croc sandals. >> there's a lot of people that still don't believe it's possible to use this material that way. >> reporter: it took 11 months of research and with the newest generation of balls, we watched in disbelief as he took out a knife. >> oh, my gosh, you're cutting it. >> yes. you can even put your hand right inside and it's still going to bounce. >> reporter: in four short years, they delivered one million balls, free, to over 60 countries worldwide. >> the ball is not political.
6:45 pm
it's not philosophical. it is not ideological. it's a ball. we major a ball and our goal is to get it into the hands of as many children as possible. local programs like crece that offer free after school soccer to latino immigrants in oakland just got the first donation, volunteer coach jennifer regalado. >> look at it. just the donation in itself was enough and then we found out that these balls don't fall apart and it meant even more to us because we don't have that big of a budget. >> reporter: what do you like about soccer? >> play. >> you provide a ball and not only play happens but through play, change happens. >> reporter: so for recognizing the healing power of play and creating a ball for children that is as indestructible as their spirit, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to tim jahnigen and lisa tarver. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> so here's that ball that tim
6:46 pm
was just cutting into. and it really is as strong as it looks. yup. still bounces. >> i have been playing in the building. mom said not to do it. >> we should mention individual and corporate sponsors make it possible for one world futbol to donate balls like this one to organizations working with at risk communities. >> it's so great because you can teach your children with lessons. >> it would have worked when i was a kid because my parents said if you pop that one you don't get another one. >> buy one online at they will donate a ball for every one that's purchased. we'll take our ball and go home! paul? come play with us!
6:47 pm
every first wednesday from may through september we throw a party here on main street in downtown pleasanton. we're having a party. what a great evening weather- wise. we have music and everything out here. it's a nice wednesday evening out here along the san ramon valley along the i-680 corridor corridor. 69 in oakland. down to 81 in livermore. 50s and 60s overnight. mountain view 60. napa 55. vallejo 57 degrees. an area of low pressure was passing by to our north. it produced a strong onshore flow with a thick marine layer. the low exits and high pressure
6:48 pm
moves in so we'll have less marine influence and sunshine earlier tomorrow and temperatures climb as a result. fog returns tonight along the coast. inland sunny and clear. warmer tomorrow with sunshine in the afternoon for most of the bay area. temperatures near average for this time of year. coming up through the weekend, the weekend looks nice to get outside. if you can't make it to pleasanton, head to the main street in your favorite town near you and the weather will cooperate saturday and sunday. tomorrow san mateo 81, milpitas 83. 91 fairfield. walnut creek 89, danville 87. petaluma low 80s, upper 70s san leandro, warm in napa as the clean-up continues there 88 degrees. cloverdale 91 and ukiah 93 degrees. through the weekend, one thing
6:49 pm
will change, sunday and monday more clouds as a hurricane will pass by to our south. the remnants of hurricane norbert will give us some cloud cover. so partly sunny skies on sunday and monday. otherwise smooth sailing across the board, warm temperatures, and afternoon sunshine. live out here in pleasanton and the name says it all. it is very pleasant, it's a great evening for main street and we have sports coming up next. make it a great night.
6:50 pm
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why?? they can't hit. the a's are 7-16 over the last 26 games. in the west they trail by five. why? they can't hit. battle of cy young candidates at the coliseum. jon lester for the a's. felix hernandez for the mariners. and king felix has never lost to oakland but adam dunn with his second home run in three games since joining the a's. they love the new teammate. that lead held until the 7th. kyle see-goer turns the page with his 22nd home run of the year and the game is tied -- thank you, allen. thank you very much. two pitchers later cory hart with a solo shot.
6:53 pm
lester allowed two runs in eight innings. bottom of the 9th, two out for adam dunn against fernando rodney. while dunn has shown the power he shows a lot of this. rodney struck him out. mariners win 2-1. the a's lost 6 of 7. they are five games behind the angels in the west but continue to hold on to the top wild card spot. seattle is now only half a game behind detroit for that second spot. ryan vogelsong had a rocky mountain low in colorado today. a career-high 4 home runs. plenty of good seats available at coors field. 1-1 in the 5th. [ talking in the background ] >> there is buster posey racing his average to .305. giants had the lead, wouldn't last. nolan, where's the woman with the poster now, right? that's a three-run shot to left
6:54 pm
field. later in the fifth, cory dickerson had a run. no comeback today. giants lost 9-2 to the rockies but the dodgers lost in 14 innings so the giants two games back in the west and up to two on the brewers for the top wild card spot. ryder cup captain tom watson joining tennis in the big apple. serena williams unloads the forehand winner. she wins in straight sets looking for the third straight u.s. open title. ray mcdonald is practicing but no decision is made for his status on sunday's game in dallas. as the team continues to gather information, jim harbaugh didn't provide a ton of answers when met with the media for the first time since mcdonald's arrest. >> concentrate on who or what what who is doing or who is make the decision gist what's going to make the decision.
6:55 pm
>> who's on first, what's on second, i don't know who's on third. >> you ain't said nothing yet. go ahead and tell me. >> you're going to be in a better time and a better place to make a decision. >> get some facts and come back and see me. >> i see a lot of polls, you know? but this should be or should not or this or that. i see a lot of polls. we could have an informal poll right now. you know, raise your hand if you are not in favor of due process. >> you want answers? i think i'm entitled. >> you want answers? >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth! >> due process. [overlapping speakers >> constitution -- jail not about whether he plays football. that's the difference. >> the person is not to be punished before due process occur. >> while harbaugh was asking for patience and due process,
6:56 pm
patriots quarterback tom brady was much more direct when asked about how much longer he plans on playing. >> you know, i love playing for this team and i love representing this team and hopefully i can do that for as long as, you know, i can. now, when i suck, i'll retire. but i don't plan on sucking for a long time. >> perennial super bowl contenders. >> by the way, i'm going to side with jim harbaugh on the due process. i think it has to play out. right? anybody in mcdonald's situation would want due process. it's just the 49ers track record is not good in these situations. and that's why you have a lot of finger-pointing. >> a lot of pressure. >> exactly. >> thank you. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, now. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate y'all coming. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. like always, we've got a good one for you today, folks. this family, returning for the third day, from right here, in atlanta, georgia, it's the stewart family. [audience cheers] and from kokomo... >> indiana. steve: kokomo, indiana, it's the likens family. [audience cheers] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion.
7:00 pm
let's play "feud." give me ms. belva. give me gia. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] ladies, here we go. top 8 answers on the board. name a place a woman would hate to get a call from saying that they found her husband's wallet. gia. >> strip club. steve: strip club, got your man's wallet down here. [audience cheers] steve: they're going to play. >> they're going to play? steve: yeah, they're going to play. [audience cheers] boy, that strip club shows up in these answers a lot, don't it? >> we don't want them nowhere over there. steve: don't want them nowhere near the strip club? now, why is that? why is that? >> i'm the strip club! you don't need to go to no club. steve: isn't that right, sir? >> yes, sir, that's right. steve: that's right. [audience laughs] steve: you ain't never been to a strip club before? >> no, sir. uh-uh.


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